My cat

From a foster home
We were approved 
To adopt our cat

Nobody knows where she came from
When four months earlier
She followed a bigger cat
Into its home

My cat teaches me
to observe and learn
her behaviour is her means of communication

With patience and love
We gradually gain
Some of her trust

She is as she is
and I admire her for that

We think she likes us
from a safe distance 
most of the time

When she tries to come closer
Fear often betrays her
Making her jumpy and restless

She knows her boundaries
and so do we
We back off

Does she know her limitations too?
My guess is no
But observing her behavior being dictated by them
Reminds me of my own
And the work I constantly have to do

She reminds me to be patient
Towards myself and others
To show the same kindness
As I do towards my dear 'Kveslapus'

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