A Spring day

I sit on the stairs one sunny morning
the trees dressed in early Spring fresh green
The sun on my face
On top of a tree
the constant song of a bird
Confirms what the trees are saying
It's been a long Winter
Like the birds and the trees
we thrive under the warmth of the sunlight
Only, our enjoyment seems more complicated
Motorboats in the fjord
Loud music in the forest
Motorbikes accelerating between the fields
A walk by the shore
reveals that with the enjoyment of the Spring weather
comes a good meal with friends
People are gone
but their waste bears witness of the good times enjoyed
A couple of ducks walking on the grass
I had never noticed they like to eat the fresh Spring herb
but what do I see
tiny peaces of plastic spread all around
my stomach sinks
And in a day like this
despite the joy of the fine weather
despite of the song of the birds
I can't help but think
We don't belong here
So much we disturb the peace

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