Poo under my shoe – or everyday ‘philosophy’

Monday morning
rushing out the door
I discover
poo under my shoe
No time to deal with it
Let's hope the incessant rain
will wash it away

It bothers me
this poo under my shoe
all the bike ride
from home
to work

Off my bike
I stamp my way to the door
Lift my foot up
there's still
poo under my shoe

Already late
I can't deal with it now
I leave my shoe by the entrance
not to bring into the school
the poo under my shoe

Early evening
I find back my shoes where I left them
No big surprise

On my bike ride home
I make a plan
to get rid of
the poo under my shoe

I park my bike
take out the hose
Under this incessant rain
My neighbours must think 
I have gone mad

As I spray the water
under my shoe
I wonder
What is the lesson to be learned here?

Such an awful stink
a bit of poo under my shoe
yet when I spray it away with water
over our garden
the smell disappears

After some reflection
I conclude
there is no lesson
just poo under my shoe

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