Through our window

The four seasons unfold
and through the years
We've become fond
of people and animals
passing by
There's the elder man
we like to call
the sporty one
Spring to Winter
rushig by
Skiis in hand
or just a full backpack
Always smiling
Oblivious of our eyes
The big black dog and his cat
Some weeks
we see them daily
With the friendly lady
The dog leads the way
The cat follows with his happy tail up
Moustache the cat
Pops by from time to time
all the way up
Kvesla's ladder
There is Melis the cat
who we all find spooky
Not to forget the elder smoking lady
with ther fluffy pooch
And on very lucky nights
we hear the deer 
munchig over our garden plants
Carefully we lift the courtain
and get a glimpse before they
run away

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