Facing the overgrown weed
The task feels overwhelming
Where to start?
Which one to pull out?
Sudden doubt
This weed is actually pretty
And it serves its purpose too
Varied flowers of different colors
Some are edible too

I finally squat
Choosing one to start with
As my hands move carefully
The task gets easier
Almost instinctively
I move to the next one
and the next one after that
Until after a while I look back
And can see the difference

Squatting and kneeling on the ground
Can’t help but think of the mess in my mind
Like the weed, grown uncontrollably
Away from my attention
Sometimes so dense that I feel stuck

With the constant practice
The ability comes
To pull
One by one
From the root
The weed in my head
So when I sit
That seed
That is inside me
Can finally

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