Espacio fuera del tiempo

Generoso regalo
Es el silencio
Inhalación profunda
Exhalación completa
Un gran espacio se abre
Para simplemente ser
Fuera del tiempo

El horizonte se expande
Inmensa gratitud
Reemplaza la irritación
Creada por la estrechez
De mi mente cansada

Y todo aquello
Externo a mi
Se hace chiquito
Espacio fuera del tiempo

Me and you

When I better know me
I better know parts of you
cuz I can see
that what I need you need too
In all honesty
I confess 
that you have flaws
but I have no less
The more I understand me
the more I understand you
And so
Like wild flowers in the meadow
We colour the world

A Spring day

I sit on the stairs one sunny morning
the trees dressed in early Spring fresh green
The sun on my face
On top of a tree
the constant song of a bird
Confirms what the trees are saying
It's been a long Winter
Like the birds and the trees
we thrive under the warmth of the sunlight
Only, our enjoyment seems more complicated
Motorboats in the fjord
Loud music in the forest
Motorbikes accelerating between the fields
A walk by the shore
reveals that with the enjoyment of the Spring weather
comes a good meal with friends
People are gone
but their waste bears witness of the good times enjoyed
A couple of ducks walking on the grass
I had never noticed they like to eat the fresh Spring herb
but what do I see
tiny peaces of plastic spread all around
my stomach sinks
And in a day like this
despite the joy of the fine weather
despite of the song of the birds
I can't help but think
We don't belong here
So much we disturb the peace


When hurrying through everyday life
ground yourself
Through the difficult moments
ground yourself
While making sense of the input of the world
ground yourself
As you stroll or while seated in silence
ground yourself
Find that space
Find your inner strength
For you
For the world around you

My cat

From a foster home
We were approved 
To adopt our cat

Nobody knows where she came from
When four months earlier
She followed a bigger cat
Into its home

My cat teaches me
to observe and learn
her behaviour is her means of communication

With patience and love
We gradually gain
Some of her trust

She is as she is
and I admire her for that

We think she likes us
from a safe distance 
most of the time

When she tries to come closer
Fear often betrays her
Making her jumpy and restless

She knows her boundaries
and so do we
We back off

Does she know her limitations too?
My guess is no
But observing her behavior being dictated by them
Reminds me of my own
And the work I constantly have to do

She reminds me to be patient
Towards myself and others
To show the same kindness
As I do towards my dear 'Kveslapus'