Have you experienced the miracle of life?
From the frozen ground
Sprouts out a tender plant
Observe the trees turn green
Plant a seed
Place it by your window
Water it and watch it grow
Sit outside
Listen to the birds sing
See the hard work it takes to build a nest
Observe the cycle of Spring
Yesterday’s bud
Is tomorrow’s bloom
Is tonight’s dinner
For a busy bumblebee
Aunts running their errands
In organised line
There is no object
All subjects
Round and around
we go

Saturday morning

I stood in line
busy in my own thoughts
when from the corner of my eye
I noticed the body language
of impatience in front of me
It is true
it is taking longer than usual
I thought
Long weekend
Holiday on Tuesday
many things to prepare
many places to go
And then this?
At the counter
A man trying to do his best
from where he was standing
a bit unsure
quite stressed
I felt a pinch in my heart
How long will he last in this job?
Why isn't there anyone supporting him more?
I smiled
He smiled back
A good reminder
We are all doing as good as we can
from where we stand
Let's drop the judgement
and take out our best smile

Through our window

The four seasons unfold
and through the years
We've become fond
of people and animals
passing by
There's the elder man
we like to call
the sporty one
Spring to Winter
rushig by
Skiis in hand
or just a full backpack
Always smiling
Oblivious of our eyes
The big black dog and his cat
Some weeks
we see them daily
With the friendly lady
The dog leads the way
The cat follows with his happy tail up
Moustache the cat
Pops by from time to time
all the way up
Kvesla's ladder
There is Melis the cat
who we all find spooky
Not to forget the elder smoking lady
with ther fluffy pooch
And on very lucky nights
we hear the deer 
munchig over our garden plants
Carefully we lift the courtain
and get a glimpse before they
run away

Simple y sin embargo så vanskelig

Tidlig på morgen
Fra radioen kommer
forferdelige skildringer
Sur mon vélo
vers le travail
les mêmes mots sont dis:
"on est choqué mais pas surpris"
Y yo me pregunto
¿cómo es posible?
Easy to believe that I am different
I wouldn't be capable of doing such atrocities 
Dessverre har historien visst oss
at jeg tar feil
On dit qu'on a le cadeau
de pouvoir penser et réflechir
mais á quoi ça nous mène?
Más rápido, más fuerte, más eficaz
Persiguiendo espejismos
I too am in stand to act
in fear, in anger, in ignorance
Kanskje er det på tide 
å ta meg sammen
Et laisser la graine
de la paix pousser en moi
Y prometerme a mi misma
de no dejar mis miedos, la cólera ni el estrés
guide my actions.
Wake up, merde!

No body like you

It hasn’t always been easy
Between you and I
At times, I have loathed you
Dissatisfied with your looks
Too short
Too small breasts
Too fat thighs
Curls when what I wanted
was straight hair
As I grow older however
I have learned to take better care of you
To know what makes you stronger
What helps you thrive
So I make better choices for you
Because you have carried me all my life
And I am over and over amazed
By what you are capable of
Your resilience
Your ability to adapt
To heal
I am sorry for all the times
I stood in front of the mirror
With a critical eye