You are loved and protected

Growing up without religion
I believed I was without God
One phrase from my teacher
You are loved and protected
Savoured over and over again
In the past weeks

I went for a walk in nature on a stormy day
You are loved and protected
came to my head
and then I remembered

Since I was a child
In every moment of my life
And especially in moments of distress
Faith and Trust have always kept me going
A feeling that everything will turn out well

My heart has been held all my life without me noticing
The God in my heart is formless and nameless
What a joyful discovery I made
Strolling on a stormy day


Under the candlelight
In the silence of the early  morning
I sit alone on my mat
One by one 
or several at a time
start marching in
like in a parade
The housewife and her 'to-do list'
The mum and her worries
The teacher and her uncompleted tasks
The body and its needs
The daughter and her regrets
The yoga teacher and her self-doubt
The blogger and her ideas
Loud chitchat
In the silence of the early morning
I softly wave them away
one by one
but they are sneaky and persistent
teaching me to be patient
Tomorrow I'll sit here again
ready to greet them and let them go
over and over again

What my Yoga practice does and doesn’t do.

Practicing yoga doesn’t stop me from getting frustrated. Practicing yoga doesn’t stop me from getting angry. Practicing yoga doesn’t stop me from feeling blue. But it helps me accept my frustration, my anger and my sadness. It helps me create a space between my emotions and my reactions. It makes me question my perspective. So I get out of my spiral of negativity faster. Yoga has taught me to find my balance over and over again. Therefore, study, practice and use what you learn on yourself. Fail, fall and get up again and learn. That is all we can do.