For days, weeks, months and even years
You ask yourself
will the longing disappear?
You keep yourself busy
find new ways to fill the void the loss has made more visible
But the longing keeps coming back
Life can be seen as a parade
of constant lack
One longing after the other
Or is it the same?
Have you ever asked yourself
what is beyond the longing?
Have you ever stopped when it invades you?
To embrace the emptiness
Sit with it
Breathe through it
it reaches a peak and then, as it came it will go
in the process you discover
the lack is just a thought

In Faith

Every morning, I sit with myself
Breathe in and breathe out
my mind full of thoughts
Long inhale, full exhale
my past
Chant om
my to-do list
Focus on long mmmmm
what will happen today?
Sit still in silence
how will I handle my day?
Tomorrow, in faith, I'll meet myself again
Because I know
Beyond my thoughts
I am peace

Mi almohada

Hay noches en las que
mi almohada se vuelve un campo de batalla
entre los fantasmas que mi mente ha creado
y la consciencia más allá de mi mente
Eventos de mi vida cotidiana
Se vuelven armas de fuego 
cargadas con balas de duda, desmerecimiento y frustración
Al pasar la sorpresa de tal ataque
Mi japa se vuelve mi escudo 
Y la batalla comienza
Repito mi japa y mi cuerpo encuentra paz
Pero mi mente encuentra la manera de atacar de nuevo
Es el cansancio quien tiene la última palabra
Y en mis sueños apareces para recordarme
'Suelta el miedo'
Un abrazo
La mañana tiene un sabor a victoria

You are loved and protected

Growing up without religion
I believed I was without God
One phrase from my teacher
You are loved and protected
Savoured over and over again
In the past weeks

I went for a walk in nature on a stormy day
You are loved and protected
came to my head
and then I remembered

Since I was a child
In every moment of my life
And especially in moments of distress
Faith and Trust have always kept me going
A feeling that everything will turn out well

My heart has been held all my life without me noticing
The God in my heart is formless and nameless
What a joyful discovery I made
Strolling on a stormy day