What if?

– Dedicated to a dear friend

What if
The very thing
You believe you're missing
The very thing
You keep chasing
The very thing
You believe will make you happy
The very thing
That is holding you back
The very thing
That is draining you from energy
The very thing
That is standing on your way
Pure contentment
True happiness
To drop it
That very thing
Let it go
And then
Stand still
Be quiet
You will discover
How complete you are
That very thing

Spring cleaning

I planted annual flowers
In my precious garden
They have brought me color
They have brought me beauty
They have filled my senses with joy
Before the Winter
I saw them wither
The cold and the darkness came too quick
As Sprig gains ground
She whispers to me
Dare to clean your ground 
From what remains of your once beautiful flowers
And the question arises 
What kind of flowers will I allow to grow this time?


Memorias, experiencias e historias que llevo en la mente
Intentan nublar mi visión y el miedo se asoma otra vez
Es cuando en silencio encuentro el valor de dejarlo venir
Dirijiendo mi antención hacia un lugar más produndo que la mente
Originando la opurtunidad de sanar y darme cuenta al fin

que del pasado y del futuro no tenemos nada que temer